Belief and tools

There are a lot of inspiring quotes flying around these days. You see many people who finally succeeded after a lot of struggles, failures and tough times. You get inspired.

You see athletes who have won “against the odds,” actors who struggled against the competition in Hollywood and succeeded, artists and bands who persevered for years before they had a break, and those are just the famous ones.

Imagine the millions of people who have reached their final goals and live their life fulfilled. You and I will never hear about all of those, but they are out there. Maybe you know someone close to you?

It is easy for anyone to get inspired and excited by other success stories. Someday you will succeed, isn´t that right?

Why is it then that many people fail even though these stories and quotes inspire them? They have the dream, the vision, the need to succeed, and yet they don´t. Why?

I believe the answer is simple. They lack the right TOOL and enough BELIEF.

If you KNEW 100% that the recipe and plan you had would allow you to reach your set goal. I mean you REALLY knew. You had traveled into the future, and you had actually SEEN yourself succeed with whatever you had in mind. Would you quit when the going gets tuff? Of course not.

I believe many people have the willpower, the perseverance, the energy and the stamina to reach whatever goal they set. What they lack is the BELIEF and the right TOOL.

When Thomas Edison was inventing the light bolt, he BELIEVED that the solution was somewhere in front of him. He KNEW it was. He just needed to go through all the wrong ways to do it, to find the ONE way that worked.

He was working the TOOLS he knew to be right, and finally, he succeeded. If he hadn´t BELIEVED in what he was doing, or lacking the TOOLS, we would still be lighting up our streets and houses with torches.

Eminem BELIEVED he could be the number one rapper in the world. He had the TOOLS, his lyrics and his ability to produce music. He just needed to do it consistently every day, and eventually, he would succeed.

We can apply this to anything we do. We who are in Network Marketing should apply it there. All you need is real BELIEF in the products and the company you are in and have the TOOLS to make it happen. Then it is just a matter of time before you reach the success you are aiming at. You simply can´t miss.

Personally, I have had the belief in many of my business ventures during the years, but many times not the tools in place. In the Network Marketing company, Ritto and I are in, we have the strongest belief, and now we have the tool, Yes please!

So, rely on the TOOL, and make sure you have the strong BELIEF in your products and company. And here´s some tough love:

If you don´t have the belief you need to look someplace else. That may sound harsh, but that is most likely the reason you are not yet where you want to be. You deserve better!

All the best,

Mathias Audell Ringblom

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