The Law Of Attraction and Yes Please!

Both authors of "Yes please!", Mathias and Ritto, are firm believers of the Law Of Attraction. Since we started the book project, we have seen "signs" on a continuous basis, telling us that we are on the right path. Not just for us, but for everyone else who will be using the book.

One example is when I had a meeting with a prospect a couple of weeks ago, and he brings me a cup of coffee. The print on the coffee cup was "Ja tack!", which is "Yes please!" in Swedish! What are the odds? It was an old campaign logo from the 80´s.

René was reading the newspaper recently, and the debate was about the importance of leading 6 people at a time. It just keeps coming back to us!

We have had several of these "signs" the past few months, and the reason I am writing about it on the blog right now is that I just came across this video about the "conference bike," carrying you and 6 of your friends. Do you remember why we are offering a 7-pack of "Yes please!"? It is 1 book for you, and 6 for your friends, working together.

You attract what you think or visualize. Both positive and negative thoughts and images. So, make sure you set your mind to what you want in life. Not what you don´t want or worry about. Either way, it will come to you eventually, make sure it is the good stuff!

All the best,

Mathias & Ritto

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